Web Analytics and its tools.

  The gathering, synthesis, and analysis of website data with the objective of improving the website user experience is known as web analytics. It is a technique for managing and optimizing websites, web apps, and other digital products. It is heavily data-driven and aids in the creation of high-quality website judgments. Web analytics may also provide you with ideas for how to improve your product and promote business growth.

Web analytics can be used by product managers, data scientists, UX designers, and others to improve the user experience of their website or product. They must understand the website metrics to track while also being aware of the limitations of web analytics.


  Web analytics is the act of gathering website data and then processing, reporting, and analyzing it in order to develop an online plan for improving the website experience.

Web analytics is necessary to assist you in the following ways:

• Improve your marketing campaigns.
• Recognise your website visitors.
• Examine website conversion rates.
• Increase your search engine ranking.
• Recognise and optimize referral sources.
• Increase Internet sales.
Use a web analytics tool to measure critical site performance indicators like bounce rate, conversion rate, monthly unique visits, and more automatically.

Web analytics entails the following steps:

1. Setting business objectives:
This entails identifying the essential criteria that will define the success of your company and website.
2. Data collection: Using analytics tools, gather information, statistics, and data about website visitors.
3. Data processing: Transforming raw data into meaningful rations, KPIs, and other information that tells a story.
4. Data reporting: Displaying processed data in a readable format.
5. Making an internet strategy: Developing a strategy to optimize the website experience in order to satisfy corporate objectives.
6. Experimentation and testing: Doing A/B tests to identify the best strategy to optimize website performance.